Whipping slave Reek into shape

Despite my best efforts to be a loyal, devoted, hard working and obedient slave, i still need much training to meet Lady isla’s high standards.

To this end She likes me to endure what She calls a “Whip Into Shape Day” and typically the day goes something like this:-

I set the alarm for 0655 to ensure that i am up and awake for the 0700 start as ordered. Every morning starts with the worship ritual and this day is no exception. Naked apart from my cock cage in front of Her shrine, i paddle myself five times, say Her mantra ten times in each of three slave positions and  put on Her collar.

Then i toil at whatever tasks She has set me: cleaning the kitchen and bathroom floors with a toothbrush and suchlike. i am only allowed bread and water all day and the only break is on the hour; when i must say the mantra again and message that i have done so.

0800, 0900, 1000 on i labour with no music, TV or radio allowed. Silence and a neglected palate and stomach and work are my only company. Lady Isla sleeps on having a well deserved lie in.

Then i hear Her voice coming through the CCTV speaker. I should have mentioned that Lady Isla can spy on me at any time, with 2 tiny cameras linked to her phone. Despite the electronic distortion her tone is still commanding and sexy.

“Come here reek!” and i drop what i’m doing and scamper to kneel in front of the little camera.  The really hard work begins as the rest of the day is work interspersed with punishment and nothing else to distract me from being Her slave.

A couple of words from Her and i have my nose pressed in the corner whilst wearing nipple clamps, i am writing 200 lines, i am bullwhipping myself, i am taking my cock cage off, putting Deep Heat on and doing star jumps in front of the CCTV or a video link. The punishments and humiliations are relentless and there is no break from the long lists of tasks  and no hiding place from the cameras.

Just before 2300, i perform the same devotional rites and remove Her collar before getting into bed at my set time.

Exhausted, hungry and pining for some noise, i message my Mistress and thank her for teaching me to improve my stamina for obedience and taking the time to impress on me my place at Her feet.

Then sleep.


Silencing Slave P

Lady Isla is a marvellous and lovely Mistress.It can, sometimes, take a while for a Mistress to weave her magic around a slave; but not Lady Isla.i will not go into details of the session, having been taught the gift of silence by Mistress’ worn panties, rammed deep into my mouth but i left bouyant, grinning and nursing a very sore body. Well planned, professional, strict protocol all leading to two hours of pain, humiliation, bondage and laughter.i will return for more


Slave D’s first time

I went to meet Lady Isla being nervous about my first D/S session. Now I know that it was just the first of many more sessions to come. I am glad that I chose her to hold my hands and help me take baby steps to start what I know is going to be an amazing journey through the world of kink. She showed me that D/S is much more than whips, ropes and toys. I never thought it was physically possible to experience so many emotions and sensations during such a short period of time.

I felt wise – She taught me how to lick and massage a lady’s feet and make her feel satisfied. Being a guy with serious fetish for the female feet and legs, I had her beautiful feet to lick, her wonderfully sculpted calves to massage and her ageless wisdom on the art of feet and leg massage. What more can I ask for?

I felt vulnerable – Rope play was something which I wanted to try. But I was not completely sure if I would enjoy. I am glad that I tried. I have never felt more vulnerable. The position she tied me up, gave her ease of access to my genitals and nipples. The anticipation of what she was going to do next almost gave me an orgasm.

I felt violated – When you are tied up in such a vulnerable position in front of a hungry wolf, you are going to be violated. She made me jump like a deer and squirm like a worm with her CBT methods. With her walking around you, you never know what to expect and when to expect.

I felt hypnotised – She gave me a smack on my bums. It was painful. Then I saw her smiling at me. She pinched and pulled my nipples. I have sensitive nipples and was in no position to move because of the bondage. Then I saw her looking at me with a satisfactory grin. She slapped my balls and made me jump. Then I saw her face inches away from mine, looking into my eyes and laughing loudly. She told that she liked the sounds I made. My vocal chords went berserk after that. I felt hynotised and realised the importance of psychological aspects in domination.

I felt fulfilled – Will a session like this be complete without the ultimate act of surrender that is pegging?. Again, this was one of the things I was curious about, but too afraid to try. I have watched anal sex only in porn and wondered how someone can take something so big in their ass while I was struggling to even finger myself. And there I was, tied up in the dungeon, screaming in pleasure with my eyes open but unable to see anything due to the sheer sensation and loudly begging her to do it faster while she rammed the strap-on dick completely in my ass. Words can’t explain the waves of pleasure I felt. I would go back just to try this.

Above all, I felt safe – Pegging, CBT, rope bondage are all activities with a considerable amount of risk involved. I felt completely safe in her hands. She set up a clear protocol before the session started and updated the rules whenever necessary for specific activities. I am writing this review two days after the session without a tinge of pain anywhere in my body. She managed to pack all the activities I asked her for within the time.

To conclude, if you want to explore the world of femdom, don’t think twice. Just talk to her, surrender your body, mind and soul to this woman. The wolf doesn’t bite you. But she will make you hope she does 🙂


Shibari with Slave P

Surrendering to Lady Isla feels as natural as breathing. Stunningly beautiful, softly spoken but with a no-nonsense steely demeanour, i can honestly say She is one of the most genuine and authentic Dommes it has been my pleasure to submit to. Her shibari skills are mindblowing – quickly and effortlessly She had me sensually bound and then elevated and placed in the most delicious and excruciating of predicaments before using Her range of floggers and instruments of torment to stunning effect. She clearly loves what She does and intuitively knows what buttons to press and how far to press them! What’s more, Her after-care and attention to Her sub’s safety and welfare at all times mark Her out as a very special Domme. But beware. Becoming the wolf’s prey is highly addictive.


Impact play with Slave T

Our session took place a month ago. It’s still fresh in my mind nonetheless. So many aspects of our 2 hour session were just perfect. Since the moment I’ve found the website it stood out to me that there is a finite list of the main activities Lady Isla enjoys the most. Lady Isla’s involvement and the apparent interest in the activities we’ve done felt warm and real. I loved the tempo and the flow of the session. Beforehand, via email we’ve agreed on the main aspects of the session. As my experience with impact play was limited I wanted to explore it more. In these two hours I’ve got more impact play than I ever had combined. On top of impact play Lady Isla suggested to try rope bondage. It was a great decision and I can still feel how helpless I was while tied on the ground and being flogged and hand spanked. That followed with more flogging in the corner with an anal hook inside (which was my long time fantasy) and intense strapon fuck for the end. The session exceeded my expectations. Looking back, I’d love to repeat it all over again and would totally recommend Lady Isla as a passionate professional. P.S. We’ve been at the Seven Sisters premises, it was easy to find the place and it had everything what is needed for a quality session.