CBT and suspension for sub T

I loved the space Lady Isla rented, it had more than enough equipment for any fantasy. 

It was not our first meeting and we already knew about each other’s base likes and dislikes, but I loved the fact that Lady Isla in advance asked me if She could try full body suspension in the air on me, which I never thought I’d do. I agreed and we did not plan any more details. 

Lady Isla led the session perfectly form the first moment. We sarted with Her perfect legs worship, transitioned to movement restriction and CBT. That was likely the sexiest CBT I’ve ever experienced. So much passion and attention to detail coupled with Her genuine personal excitement. Afterwards the time came for bondage and the suspension in the air.

At first I was a bit scared, but as always I got into relaxed state the moment I felt how Lady Isla deals with the rope and how much care She gives to each knot. Feels like few moments passed and I was hanging in the air and was being flogged. Great experience, would do it again. 

We ended the session with a great strapon action in various positions. 

Looking forward to our next meeting.