Curious about what a session with me would be like? Hear about it from those who have served me already.

CBT and suspension for sub T

I loved the space Lady Isla rented, it had more than enough equipment for any fantasy. It was not our first meeting and we already knew about each other's base ...
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Whipping slave Reek into shape

Despite my best efforts to be a loyal, devoted, hard working and obedient slave, i still need much training to meet Lady isla’s high standards. To this end She likes ...
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Silencing Slave P

Lady Isla is a marvellous and lovely Mistress.It can, sometimes, take a while for a Mistress to weave her magic around a slave; but not Lady Isla.i will not go ...
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Slave D’s first time

I went to meet Lady Isla being nervous about my first D/S session. Now I know that it was just the first of many more sessions to come. I am ...
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Shibari with Slave P

Surrendering to Lady Isla feels as natural as breathing. Stunningly beautiful, softly spoken but with a no-nonsense steely demeanour, i can honestly say She is one of the most genuine ...
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Impact play with Slave T

Our session took place a month ago. It’s still fresh in my mind nonetheless. So many aspects of our 2 hour session were just perfect. Since the moment I’ve found ...
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