Curious about what a session with me would be like? Hear about it from those who have served me already.

Slave A Suspended and De-virginised

I was very nervous, but trusted Lady Isla 100% from the moment of stepping inside her space. She gave a stellar performance, really I can’t praise her enough, she was ...
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Bondage and foot worship with slave G

I had a wonderful time with Lady Isla. It was my first session with her and the meeting went very smoothly. She was very professional and interesting to talk with ...
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A first session with sub C

As someone new to kink, I didn't have specific expectations for my first session with Lady Isla. I was blown away by the experience though, it was wonderful. I was ...
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Leather and watersports for Slave S

So this was my 1st time playing in several years due to just coming out of a long term straight relationship. Being in London we are spoilt for options when ...
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CBT and suspension for sub T

I loved the space Lady Isla rented, it had more than enough equipment for any fantasy. It was not our first meeting and we already knew about each other's base ...
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Whipping slave Reek into shape

Despite my best efforts to be a loyal, devoted, hard working and obedient slave, i still need much training to meet Lady isla’s high standards. To this end She likes ...
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