Impact play with Slave T

Our session took place a month ago. It’s still fresh in my mind nonetheless. So many aspects of our 2 hour session were just perfect. Since the moment I’ve found the website it stood out to me that there is a finite list of the main activities Lady Isla enjoys the most. Lady Isla’s involvement and the apparent interest in the activities we’ve done felt warm and real. I loved the tempo and the flow of the session. Beforehand, via email we’ve agreed on the main aspects of the session. As my experience with impact play was limited I wanted to explore it more. In these two hours I’ve got more impact play than I ever had combined. On top of impact play Lady Isla suggested to try rope bondage. It was a great decision and I can still feel how helpless I was while tied on the ground and being flogged and hand spanked. That followed with more flogging in the corner with an anal hook inside (which was my long time fantasy) and intense strapon fuck for the end. The session exceeded my expectations. Looking back, I’d love to repeat it all over again and would totally recommend Lady Isla as a passionate professional. P.S. We’ve been at the Seven Sisters premises, it was easy to find the place and it had everything what is needed for a quality session.