Leather and watersports for Slave S

So this was my 1st time playing in several years due to just coming out of a long term straight relationship. Being in London we are spoilt for options when it comes to pro Doms so after looking for a couple of weeks i came across Lady Isla site now lets face facts attractiveness / expertise / rates are 3 of the things we look for & Isla scored on all 3 (i did not know how much rates had gone up in 10 years). I opted for a 2 hour session to get back into BDSM & after a good chat we got started with good old fashioned leather boot worship that I loved also worshiping her long leather gloves & having them stroke my naked body what a feeling.  Next was on to rope bondage this was used to restrain me for flogging due to medical issues with my shoulders I cant have my arms high above me for to long so my hands were tied on my chest & my upper body was tied to the frame. This single adaptation is what impressed the most about the session rope bondage not something that I ever wanted or thought about being used expertly to overcome a medical problem this 1 thing is what put mind at rest about her skills. Then the flogging began now I had told Lady Isla that flogging was something I used to be able to take a lot & man o man she took it literally. At this point the butt plug that the rope bondage was holding in was turned on un be known to me it was a vibrating that had been up there for 20 mins.  Next on to the bench & strap on play now this was light with a small toy due to my tightness I loved this & after 5 mins of heaven of laying there letting Isla do all the work I started to move in time with her increasing the pleasure until I got a bit to enthusiastic & we broke the strap on. My back then became purple with the wax being poured all over it then off the bench & onto the big coffee table on my back tied to it & electrics used on my cock & balls not something I will ever ask for but if done I would not mind. finishing the session nearly drowning under torrents of Isla’s piss how someone so small can hold so much liquid in is beyond me. This was a month ago & i am now 10 days away from our second session all ready asked for more anal & wax play very seriously thinking of trying to book a longer session & lifting my wants & desires & letting her & her skills loose she inspires that sort of trust I cant wait to explore more & more with her & see what it leads to. If you are for feedback b4 deciding weather or not to ahead with a meeting with this skill full / beautiful mistress get on the contact page & apply now