Slave A Suspended and De-virginised

I was very nervous, but trusted Lady Isla 100% from the moment of stepping inside her space. She gave a stellar performance, really I can’t praise her enough, she was at all times firm but also really caring.

After kneeling on her mat I was put in a nice tight shibari box tie, then in standing position put in a crutch tie before being hoisted up into suspension. The feeling was unreal and Lady Isla then gave forced oral with her strap on into my mouth while up in the air to cap off that part.

After coming down from suspension, Lady Isla tied me with rope in a very sexy all fours position and proceeded to quite gently at first then quite hard de-virginise me with her strap on.

After untieing me, Lady Isla decided I must be thirsty and took me to the bathroom to gave me a good drink of her bountiful golden nectar.

Incredible really top experience.